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When should you contact a criminal lawyer? Are you obliged to give statements to the police after an arrest? Do you have to go to court for your traffic violations? What happens if you accept an Article 15 or participate in a hearing held under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)? These are some of the questions that Crosby Legal, PLLC in Fayetteville, NC is ready to answer. Be sure to browse the included section to learn more.

Why should I have a lawyer?

Lawyers are trained legal professionals who can explain the laws to you, help you evaluate your options, negotiate or mediate conflicts with other people, prepare letters, court forms or other legal documents for you, and represent you in court. At Crosby Legal, PLLC, we do all of these things and offer free consultations in most matters.

I want to hire a lawyer. How much does it cost and does all the money need to be paid up front?

The cost or fee required to retain legal services varies based on the nature of the case and the estimated time it will take to resolve the issue to your satisfaction. At Crosby Legal, PLLC, we recognize that you did not plan to be in the legal dilemma that you are facing. Therefore, we allow our clients to enter into payment agreements designed to make the financial requirements less burdensome.

What is the difference between a Felony and a Misdemeanor offense?

Felony and Misdemeanor offenses are distinguished, in part, by how long a person may be held in custody after a conviction. This does not mean that the sentence imposed creates the distinction, but rather, many state and federal statutes define felonies as those offenses punishable by death or imprisonment for a term exceeding one year.

Do I have to go to court if I hire a lawyer?

In many cases, a defendant may waive his or her right to appear in court and allow the attorney to resolve the case without the client being present.

A police detective called me and asked me to come give a statement to clear myself as a suspect in a case. Am I required to talk with the detective?

As a general rule, no person suspected or accused of a crime can be forced to give a statement. Of course, to every rule there are exceptions but generally a person suspected of a crime is not obligated to say anything. That being said, there are times that it may be in your best interest to give a statement and times where it would be best to remain silent. Therefore it is best to seek the advice of counsel prior to doing or saying anything.

Criminal Defense Fayetteville, NC

What kind of penalties or punishment could I face if I am convicted of a crime?

The penalties or punishment you face if convicted of an offense in North Carolina largely depends on the offense you are facing and your criminal history. Under current sentencing guidelines, the courts will review your criminal history and your sentence would be based upon that history and the offense you are now accused of committing. As such, a minor offense could lead to fines and/or probation while more severe offenses could result in a lifetime of prison.

Can my North Carolina criminal offenses be erased from my record?

The short answer is yes. However, there are requirements that must be met prior to offenses being removed from a person’s record. If no action is taken, felony and misdemeanor convictions will stay on a person’s record forever. Fortunately, recent changes in North Carolina law now allow for the removal of dismissed cases, along with certain felony and misdemeanor convictions.

How can Crosby Legal, PLLC help me? 

Attorney Crosby takes pride in defending clients regardless of the offense charged or the nature of the allegation. He will review the discovery with you and analyze the case in order to determine the best method of safeguarding and preserving your rights. He understands how important the outcome of the case is to you and he is prepared to aggressively defend you. Period.

Get Sound Legal Advice

If you have further questions about the legal services offered by Crosby Legal, PLLC, fill out our online form. You may also call us at (910) 212-6103 to receive advice on how to deal with your criminal charges. We will be glad to address your legal concerns.

If you find yourself in a difficult spot, whether due to traffic violations, criminal charges or DUI, don't waste a moment. Allow the experienced team at Crosby Legal PLLC to guide you through each distinct facet of the legal process. Contact us today to learn more.

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