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Fort Bragg, NC

Fort Bragg, NC "Freedom's Home"

Established on September 4, 1918 outside of Fayetteville, Camp Bragg was one of three training camps established in North Carolina to train soldiers during World War I. Camp Bragg was named to honor a native North Carolinian, Braxton Bragg, who commanded forces of the Confederate States Army in the Civil War. On September 30, 1922 Camp Bragg became Fort Bragg, solidifying Bragg's role as a permanent military base.

Thanks to Fort Bragg, the military is a major part of Fayetteville's economy and daily life. By the early 2000s Fort Bragg housed more than 45,000 soldiers and employed more than 8,000 civilians over their 160,789 acres. Currently as "Home of Airborne and Special Operations," Fort Bragg is one of the largest military complexes in the world.

However, it’s not all about the military in Fayetteville. The town is home to many beautiful parks, fun shopping, theaters and arenas, and even the very first Golden Corral.

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